The Fox Community Shop

We have compiled a list of grocery and sundry items that we can supply should you so require. As always if you want something we've not mentioned then please ask - we will do it if we can. Finally the whole team at the Fox is grateful for all the support we have had so far and hope everything will be back to normal before long.

We have picked a selection of essential items for you to chose from, they range from food, through personal care including some analgesics, feminine hygiene, and even family planning(well if you're at home for three months!), household goods, baby care and animal goods, I can even source a squeaky dog toy and bird seed if required!! Some other items you may think of I may be able to get so please ask, it might just be that you have to buy 6 if the request is a little bit random.

Supplies on some fresh foods, e.g. fruit and veg may well dwindle and become expensive, but I will do my best to keep the costs as low as possible, whilst giving my own family and core staff a chance of survival too! Payment will ideally be through BACS but where that is not an option I will accept other alternatives and I'm afraid I cannot allow any credit as cash flow will be non existent!

I am aware that there maybe people, especially the elderly who are not aware we are doing this or won't have internet access to see the form, please can you all help by letting those people know, grab yourself a "corona buddy", someone you can help out or can help you!

Just write down, as clearly as possible, what and the quantity you would like and either drop it down the pub or get someone to do it for you or send me a private message on Facebook with it on, and please don't forget, most importantly put your name and address on it, plus if you need it delivered or are collecting.

I really need your help to run this as efficiently as we can and apologies if it's a bit sketchy to begin with! Communication is going to be everything, and also keeping expectation realistic, because as much as I'd like a magic wand I'm no miracle worker, plus it might get a bit complicated, I expect a few teething issues! Please ask away if you have any questions.

As the service develops we will put more detail on here and social media but in the meantime please call the pub on 01598 763239.